GoaMiles has launched a special helpline 88888 00405. A dedicated team is on call 24X7 to assist passengers with booking vehicles for covid-19 requirements like testing, patient transfers, vaccinations for the elderly and others. Also book cars for essential travel, routine checkups and vaccinations as you have before through the same helpline! All covid-19 safety guidelines will be followed and we request passengers to ensure they are. Call 88888 00405 NOW |

Update : You cannot donate plasma after getting vaccinated |

The vaccine can be taken within a couple of hours of donating plasma


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Note: In case of emergencies relating to blood requirements where this resource data may not help, please join our Emergency Relief Whatsapp group
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Dedicated Vehicles for Trasnport in case of Covid Emergency by Goa Miles

GoaMiles understands the severity of covid-19 and its impact. Through a newly setup special helpline 88888 00405 where a dedicated team is on call 24X7, passengers will be assigned vehicles based on their requirements. In covid-19 related emergency situations, they will help you book rides for testing, patient hospital transfers and vaccinations for the elderly and other groups. The complete operation is monitored centrally, vehicles are well sanitised and strict covid-specific SOPs or standard operating procedures will be followed. For the safety of both passengers and drivers involved, please insist these be followed before you use these services. Through the same helpline, the general public at large may book rides for essential transport, routine checkups and vaccinations as you have before. Safety guidelines as per protocol will be followed for such non-covid requirements as well. Please call on 88888 00405 and their call centre executives will guide you on the details

Availing Covid-related treatment under DDSSY in Private Hospitals in Goa

If you're in Goa and any private hospital refuses to accept the patient under DDSSY scheme - please flag it to the relevant nodal officer at these hospitals (Please refer below images). HOSPITALS CANNOT DENY ADMITTING PATIENTS UNDER THIS SCHEME. Some hospitals may not have an active DDSSY contract with the state government.
If they deny taking patients under DDSSY citing this reason, please flag it to us below and we'll confirm it with the relevant officers.

If they deny taking patients under DDSSY citing this reason, please flag it to us below and we'll confirm it with the relevant officer.


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Government Nodal Officers for Private Hospitals in North Goa