Care Centers In Goa

Care Center NameCenter TypeFacility TypeNumberLocation
PHC AldonaGovernment Hospital08322293251Aldona
PHC BalliGovernment Hospital08322670216Bali
GMC - Goa Medical CollegeGovernment HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen, Covid wards8322458727 / 8322458049 / 8322458700 / 8322495169Bambolim
PHC BetkiGovernment Hospital08322399658Betki
CHC BicholimGovernment Hospital08322360402Bicholim
CHC CanconaGovernment Hospital08322643422 / 08322643339Canacona
Cansaulim Step Up Covid Hospital (Cansaulim PHC)Government HospitalBeds9011025063Cansaulim
PHC CansaulimGovernment Hospital08322754036Cansaulim
PHC CasarvarneGovernment Hospital08322205222Casarvane
Cottage HospitalGovernment HospitalChicalim
Sub District HospitalGovernment HospitalOxygen beds08322541698 / 08322540864Chicalim
VM Salgaoncar HospitalPrivate HospitalICU beds, Ventilators8326691919Chicalim
PHC ChimbelGovernment Hospital08322458933Chimbel
PHC ChinchinimGovernment Hospital08322863237Chinchinim
PHC ColvaleGovernment Hospital08322299870Colvale
PHC CorlimGovernment Hospital08322285769Corlim
CHC CurchoremGovernment Hospital08322650566Curchorem
PHC CurtorimGovernment Hospital08322786206Curtorim
PHC Pilliem DharbandoraGovernment Hospital08322344221Dharbandora
PHC LoutolimGovernment Hospital08322777140/ 2858700Loutolim
Dr. Kolwalkar's Galaxy HospitalPrivate HospitalOxygen beds8380065970 / 08322266666 / 083222666667 / 083222666668 Mapusa
North Goa District Hospital SARI Casualty & Asilo HospitalGovernment HospitalBeds with oxygen08322262291 / 08322253387 / 9423318944Mapusa
UHC MapusaGovernment Hospital08322262226Mapusa
Vision HospitalPrivate Hospital1 ventilator bed, 1 high flow oxygen bed, 3 BiPAP9112246688 / 8380084266Mapusa
PHC MarcaimGovernment Hospital08322392230Marcaim
Aster HospitalPrivate HospitalOnly one ventilator, ICU/Oxygen08322705001 / 08322705002Margao
ESI HospitalGovernment Covid Care Centre08322703036Margao
Hospicio DIstrict HospitalGovernment Hospital08322735766 / 08322705664 / 08322705754Margao
Nagarsenkar's Classic HospitalPrivate Hospital08322711014 / 08322711013 / 9923070742Margao
South Goa District hospitalGovernment Hospital08322727300 Male Ward - 08322727319 / 08322727320 Female Ward - 08322727327Margao
TB Hospital08322757717 / 08322714866Margao
Trimurti General HospitalPrivate HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen, Covid wards08322700707Margao
UHC MargaoGovernment Hospital08322715004Margao
Victor HospitalPrivate HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen, Covid wards8669605441 / 8326728888 / 8669605448Margao
Royal HospitalPrivate HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen8322737722Margao (Aquem)
Mother Care Multi-Speciality HospitalPrivate Hospital08322700103Margao (Borda)
A.V. Da Costa Memorial ClinicPrivate Hospital08322741282Margao (Fatorda)
Fatorda Covid Care CenterGovernment HospitalNormal beds (availability of the bed to be checked on calls)9623691243Margao (Fatorda)
CHC NavelimGovernment Hospital08322710700Margao (Navelim)
Borkar Nursing HomePrivate HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen8322725038 / 8322704102 / 9823129004 / 8805232222 / 8007173843Margao (Pajifond)
Grace Intensive Cardiac Care Centre and General HospitalPrivate HospitalOxygen/ICU/Ventilator7947301832 / 08322725391Margao (Pajifond)
KCRC's Horizon ICU & HospitalPrivate HospitalVentilator, Oxygen, ICU08322714141Margao (Pajifond)
Pedro Arupe Institute Covid Care FacilityHome or Hospital CareBeds9823360536Margao (Raia)
PHC MayemGovernment Hospital08322363024Mayem
Caritas Goa Covid Care CentreGovernment Covid Care CentreBeds8080893682 / 9823255615Old Goa
Healthway HospitalPrivate Hospital08322467666 / 7030961249Old Goa
Campal Clinic/ Criticare hospitalPrivate Hospital8322421600Panjim
Dr. Kedar HospitalPrivate Hospital08322220592 / 9822100518Panjim
UHC PanajiGovernment Hospital08322426495 / 08322421327Panjim (Altinho)
Manipal HospitalPrivate HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen, Covid wards, CT Scan8888702222 / 7756073440/ 08326632500Panjim (Dona Paula)
Dr.Shyama Prasad Covid CentreGovernment Covid Care CentreNormal beds (dormitory type)8459625155Panjim (Taleigao)
Covid Care Center for Children at Don Bosco Shelter Home ParraGovernment Covid Care Centre9673174950 / 1098Parra
CHC, PernemGovernment HospitalPernem
Pernem Step Up Covid HospitalGovernment HospitalBeds8329108486Pernem
Redkar Hospital & Research CentrePrivate HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen, Covid wards8446051156 / 9146885522Pernem
PHC PondaGovernment Hospital08322319006Ponda
Savaikar Clinic & Nursing HomePrivate HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen08322319202Ponda
Sub District HospitalGovernment HospitalOxygen beds7020973897 / 08322312115 / 08322312116Ponda
Usgaonker's Children Hospital, Clinic and NICUPrivate Hospital08322312921Ponda
RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy HospitalPrivate HospitalVentilators, ICU, Oxygen08326640664Porvorim
PHC PorvorimGovernment Hospital08322411991Porvorim (Alto Porvorim)
PHC QuepemGovernment Hospital08322662636Quepem
PHC SanguemGovernment Hospital08322604013Sanguem
PHC SankhaliGovernment Hospital08322364258Sanquelim
PHC ShirodaGovernment Hospital08322307073Shiroda
PHC SiolimGovernment Hospital08322272250 / 08322272687Siolim
CHC ValpoiGovernment Hospital08322375234 / 08322374260Valpoi
UHC VascoGovernment Hospital08322512307 / 08322500606Vasco
PHC CandolimGovernment Hospital08322489035
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Government Nodal Officers for Private Hospitals in North Goa