Oximeter Suppliers

NameNumberLocationDeliveryMedicines AvailabilityOximeter in Stock
Covid Services Goa (A volunteer group, Not a pharmacy)8554060561 / 8975889313 / 8411041640Across GoaNo, but can drop off at central locationsOnly Oxymeter Yes
Joe Dias9823061965Across South GoaNo delivery: Based in ChinchinimOnly Oxymeter Yes
Siddeshwar Medical Store Anjuna9822127482AnjunaNoAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Assolna Drug House9923109335AssolnaNoAzithral, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
St. Anthony9767234348 / 8605872235BenaulimNoAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Savitri Medical Store08322362312BicholimNoAzithral, IvermecticYes
Priyansh Chemist8806494441CalanguteCandolim to VagatorAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, Doxy. Shortage of FabifluYes
United Medical Stores9923277172 / 9823247408CalangutePanjim to BagaAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Disilva Pharmacy9423836038CanaconaNoAzithral, Pulmoclear, DoxyYes
Yeshwant Medicines08322643260CanaconaNoAzithral, Ivermectin, Doxy, PulmoclearYes
Shantadurga Medical Stores08322479771 / 8806011444 CandolimCandolim, Nerul and nearby areasFabilflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Cansaulim Pharmacy8322754001CansaulimNoAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Chinna Medical Store 08322558388ChicalimLess staff, but can deliver within MES areaFabiflu, Ivermectine, Doxy, Azithral, PulmoclearYes
Namrata Medical Store9588413560CorlimNoAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Rushvi Medical9049160587CorlimCorlimAzythromycin, Ivermectin, Doxy, Azithral, Vitamin suplements. Shortage of FabifluYes
Lotsan Pharmacy0832 2280027 / 888835937 / 9822582259DivarDivarFabiflu, Azithral, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Apollo Chemist08322973233GogolGogol to VernaAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
United club of Utorda9822102864 / 9822131524 / 9527541116MajordaNorth GoaYes
Aastha NGO (Aparna)9767155276MapusaIn and around Porvorim to MapucaOnly Oxymeter Yes
Apollo Mapusa8322253680MapusaMapusaAzithral, Ivermectin, Ivermectin, Pulmoclear/ Vitamin suplements Yes
Gawas Medical Stores9765765375MapusaNoIvermectin, DoxyYes
Paradise Dispensing Chemist8322262674MapusaNoFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
PARRIKARS REHAB CENTER9511859031 MapusaHome Delivery for elderly and anyone in needOxygen Flow Meter, masks, oxygen regulators.Yes
Priyanka Traders8806109393MapusaAround Mapusa areaOximeters, vaporizer, sanitizers availableYes
Siddhi Pharmacy9405331969MapusaNoAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Union Pharmacy7588453064Mapusavia www.brizz.inFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Vision Hospital Pharmacy8322266788MapusaNoFabiflpiravir, Azithral 250 mg, Ivermectin 12mg, Doxy 100 mgYes
Ansan Medical solutions 9552100679MargaoMargao free/ Delivery for Ponda, Vasco, Panjim, Mapuca is chargeableDoes not supply medicinesYes
Apollo Expert Pharmacy8956751405MargaoMargaoIvermectin, Azithral, Pulmoclear syrup. Yes
Farmacia Salcete9823900151MargaoAcross GoaFabiflu (only on prescription), Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Holy Spirit Pharmacy08322737433MargaoAround MargaoFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Home delivery of medicines (Mahakali Medical Stores)9518744156 / 8766877536MargaoMargao, Navelin, Fatorda, Cuncolim, Verna, CurtorimFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Kamala Medicals9881909104MargaoAround BordaFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Manas Medicals9822320878MargaoNoFabiflu, Azithral, Ivermectin, Doxy - Prescription neededYes
Medicines and More8322702993MargaoNoDoxy, Ivermectin, Azithral, PulmoclearYes
Metro Medicals9325024118MargaoMargao & BordaFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Noble Chemist & Druggist9518769064MargaoNoAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Roes Medicare7507128353MargaoNoFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Wellness Forever8657558929 / 8657558928MargaoAround MargaoPulmoclear, Fabiflu, Azithral and DoxyYes
Wellness Forever 08322725131 / 08322725132MargaoAcross South GoaFabiflu (400mg,200mg), Azithral (250mg,500mg), Pulmoclear, Doxy, IvermectinYes
Wellness Forever8657558938Margao (Aquem)Around MargaoFabiflu (400mg,200mg), Azithral (250mg,500mg), Pulmoclear, Doxy, IvermectinYes
Cure It MS8322777660 / 7083320276Margao (Raia)MargaoE-tag, Azithral, Ivermectin, Doxy Yes
Avinash Medical Store9764214270Old GoaNoAzithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Chandu Medical Stores9356728043 / 9356728043PanjimPanjim Fabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Jeevan Rekha Medical Stores9881746573PanjimPanjim, Porvorim, St. CruzFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Mediquip Surgicals 9823139920PanjimAcross GoaYes
Panjim Oxymeter Lending: Not a pharmacy but a generous group providing a service.8888885078 / 9923499035 / 9970159918 / 8698943999 / 9823388723 / 7506149249PanjimNo Only Oxymeter Yes
Wellness Forever - Panjim(24 hr)08322234580PanjimPanjimAvailable Fabiflu 400 and 200mg / Azythromcyin 500mg / Ivermectin / DoxyYes
Wellness Forever - Panjim(24 hr)8322424884 / 9011172878PanjimPanjimfabiflu, azithromycin, pulmoclear, ivermectin, doxy, Yes
Brizz.in 9307972478Panjim (Caranzalem)Within 5 km range of Panjim, Ribandar, Vasco, Mapusa, Margao and PondaMedicines can be delivered as per availability in surrounding pharmacies.Yes
International Medical Stores9689995094 / 9823174005Panjim (Dona Paula)No home DeliveryIvermectin, Doxy, Fabiflu, Azithral, PulmoclearYes
Expert Chemist and Druggist 8788870844Panjim (St. Inez)Panjim to BambolimIvermectin, Doxy, Fabiflu 200 mg, 400 mg, 800 mg, Pulmoclear, Yes
Crackle Box8550910320Panjim (Taleigao)AnywhereDoes not supply medicinesYes
Wellness Forever 08322416083PilerneAround 6km of PilerneAll Medicines AvailableYes
Ankur Medical Stores9552262699PondaPonda Azithral, Ivermectin, Doxy Yes
Chinmay Medicals9923047517PondaNoIvermectin, Fabiflu, AzithralYes
Keni Medical Store Chemist & Druggist7507454400PondaPonda, Bori, Shiroda,Verna, Margao, Kundaim, MadkaimFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, Doxy.Yes
Kurtarkar Medical store9822480615PondaNoIvermectin, Doxy, Fabiflu, Azithral, PulmoclearYes
Wellness Forever 24hrs8657558947PondaPondaFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, Doxy - Prescription neededYes
LIfecaRx(24 hr)08322416241PorvorimPorvorimazithral, ivermectin, Doxy Yes
Perpetual Chemist8322412795PorvorimNoFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Porvorim Medical Store8322410878PorvorimNoAzithral, ivermectin, Doxy, PulmoclearYes
Porvorim Rising8308607788PorvorimAnywhereYes
Suraj Essentials (Dr. Tina)9822159992Porvorim PorvorimOxygen masks, thermometers, oximeters, sanitizers ,face shields, gloves. Full home isolation kits at Rs 1,900. Yes
Wellness Forever - PORVORIM(24 hr)8322416083 / 8169341269PorvorimPilerneFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, Doxy Yes
Shree Ganesh Medical9637454688 / 8007182706Porvorim (Sangolda)PorvorimFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, Doxy Yes
Bhobe's Medicare Chemist and Druggist9657793570 / 7020213035RibandarOld Goa-PanjimFabiflu, Azithral, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Omakar Medical Store9168753975SiolimNoFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Andre Dias8390835087St CruzPick up from St Cruz Church SquarePulse Oximeter available from Friday afternoon- INR 1,800, N95 Masks- INR 50 Each Yes
Farmacia Nacional9823117659VascoYesFabiflu, Azithral, Pulmoclear, Ivermectin, DoxyYes
Farmacia Teles08322516090 / 9850084749VascoVasco to Sancoale Azithral, Ivermectin, Fabiflu, Doxy Yes
Saraswati Medical stores9665734447 / 8855027679VascoNoAzithral, Ivermectin, Doxy, Pulmoclear, FabifluYes
Teles Medical Store08322514023VascoVasco to ChicalimAzithral, Ivermectin, Doxy, Pulmoclear, FabifluYes
Wellness Forever 8657991241 / 8657991242VascoAround MargaoFabiflu(400,200mg), Azithral(100/200mg), Pulmoclear, Doxy, IvermectinYes
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This is so they do not waste time in emergencies. We are not a service provider, medical advisor or certifying body and availability status and payments pertaining to these resources may be evaluated by those availing them.

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