Oxygen Suppliers

If you are an Oxygen Concentrators Distributor
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NameNumberLocationDelivery ToItem/Services
AAP Oxygen Concentrator Bank (Surel Tilve)9923748959Across GoaYesOxygen Concentrators
Brizz.in9307972478Across GoaWithin 5 km range of Panjim, Ribandar, Vasco, Mapusa, Margao and PondaRegulators, flowmeters, humidifiers bottles, pressure gauges, nasal cannulas, oxygen concentrators, BiPAP masks.
Prana Vayu Seva (Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation, Goa)9422636060 / 9168750245 / 7038250039Across GoaNoOxygen Concentrators
Raymond (Covid Care Goa) +96550735311BenaulimNoOxygen Concentrators
Scoop Industries Pvt. Ltd.9765845364 / 08322284685 / 08322285582CorlimNo
Sevil (Covid Care Goa)8669828179MajordaNoOxygen Concentrators
Parrikar's Rehab Center9511859031 / 934459855MapusaHome Delivery for ElderlyOxygen Flow Meter and Regulator. Can arrange oxygen concetrators if needed.
Ultra Clean9552805366MapusaAll across GoaFlow meters, regulators and pulse oximeters
Ansan Medical Solutions9552100679MargaoYesRegulators with SA Valve, humidifier bottles, nasal cannula and NRB masks
Covid Care Oxyhelp Mission9823093675 (Dr. Lenny) / 9922402898 (Adbrona) / 9561994177 (Rajiv) / 9823178053 (Artemio) / 7798678065 (Yogesh) /9423888013 (Nilesh) MargaoOxygen concentrator
Govind Poy Oxygen Limited - Mr. Krishna Kamat08322740321 / 9822498500MargaoNoOxygen cylinders avaiable
Conrad (Covid Care Goa)9975837407Margao (Fatorda)NoOxygen Concentrators
Oxygen Care (Mr Arvind Arora)7551856039OdishaYesOxygen cylinders, Oxygen concentrators available, 5 litre and 10 litre capacity
Shruti (Covid Care Goa)8905531545Old GoaNoOxygen Concentrators
Mackenzie (Covid Care Goa)888890019PanjimNoOxygen Concentrators
Rotary Club of Panaji Mid-TownYatin Parekh Rajiv Shirodkar 9822101900 / 9822136032 Panjimto be synchronizedOxygen Concentrator
Runa (Covid Care Goa)9949000351 Panjim (Dona Paula)NoOxygen Concentrators
HRS Goa (Sio Goa Zone)9112110088 / 9112110066Panjim (Miramar)Regulator
Falcon Biomed 7517537722 / 9637399033 Panjim (St. Inez)Oxygen Concentrator
Laxmi Health Agency (Ajit Bhonsle)9823191138Panjim (St. Inez)NoManometer, Pressure Gauge, oxygen concentrators
Padmaja (Oxy Neo)9422062442Panjim (Taleigao)Oxygen Concentrator
IndiaNow Solutions9175792220Panjim, MargaoYesOxygen Cylinder, Oxygen Concentrator, Regulator, Flow Meter, Plastic Piping
IMA Ponda (Dr Aaron Soares)9158025207PondaNoOxygen Concentrators.
Shardul (Covid Care Goa)8975261056PondaNoOxygen Concentrators
Star Sales9822685703PorvorimDependsFlow meters, nasal cannula, regulators, oxygen concentrator, oximeters
Yachika (Covid Care Goa)9890038283Porvorim (Sangolda)NoOxygen Concentrators
Fredrick Menezes (Rolex Engg and Trading Co)9096512381VascoRegulator, Flow Meter
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