Quarantine Centers In Goa

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Terms and Conditions
• Quarantine Centers are ideally for people who are COVID-19 Positive & are Asymptomatic
• Quarantine Centers may also be used by people awaiting their test results, and prefer to isolate No in-house Medical Services available
•Prices mentioned are the starting base price Cost Includes Stay, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for 1 Person per day .
• Prices may or may not include taxes
• Additional Services may be offered by the property at additional cost
• Category of the Room may be allocated as per availability
At Covid Care Goa.in, we’re a team of volunteers and ordinary citizens, unaided monetarily and not represented or representing any organization, public or private. We are simply individuals pooling in our time and skillsets to help our fellow Goans in this time of crisis by providing access to as verified information as possible, from the public domain, about covid-19 related resources that the general public may avail, at their discretion.
This is so they do not waste time in emergencies. We are not a service provider, medical advisor or certifying body and availability status and payments pertaining to these resources may be evaluated by those availing them.

Government Nodal Officers for Private Hospitals in North Goa