Shops for Essentials

Shop NameShop TypeNumberLocationDelivery AreaTimings
Samarth BharatGrocery Store8010565924Across GoaHome delivery only in bulk in all areasStore timing: 7:00 am till 1:00 pm/ Delivery 5:00 pm onwards
Larry's HubGrocery store095795 66659Anjunaonly within Anjuna7:00 am to 1:30 pm
Newton`s Supermarket CalanguteSupermarket099229 54086CalanguteNA
Bheirudas General StoreGeneral and Grocery Store9403437066CanaconaNA7:00 am - 1:00 pm
Damodar General StoreGeneral and Grocery Store9422593460CanaconaNA7:30 am - 1:00 pm
M/s Janakiram BhandarGrocery Store9404928833CanaconaNA9:00am - 1:00 pm
M/s Khot EnterprisesGeneral Store9422451823CanaconaNA8:00 am - 1:00 pm
M/s Pinge General StoreGeneral Store9422446577CanaconaLoliem-Polem Village8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Manthan General StoreGrocery Store9764494949CanaconaDapol, Agas, Mashem, Sholem
Nikhil U. Naik GaonkarGeneral Store7387256880CanaconaNA7:00 am to 1:00 pm
Nivas Prabhu DessaiGeneral Store7975127909CanaconaNA7:00 am to 1:00 pm
Prasad ProvisionGrocery Store9923765586CanaconaMashem Canacona9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Sai FortuneFrozen Food ; Animal Food9923765586CanaconaNagarcem9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Shekar Nilu FaldesaiGeneral and Grocery Store9673563817CanaconaNA7:00 am to 1:00 pm
Sudhakar G. DessaiGeneral Store8806467199CanaconaChar-rasta to Agonda7:00 am to 1:00 pm
Sumitra General StoreGrocery Store9823176351CanaconaNA8:00 am to 1:00 pm
V. V. Pai KhotGeneral Store9545592500 / 9049476200CanaconaNA8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Vallabh PaiGeneral Store7507379119 / 8081592353CanaconaNA7:00 am to 1:00 pm
Vijaya DhuriGrocery Store9823928548CanaconaNA8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Newton's SupermarketSupermarket099229 54087CandolimIn-store shopping9:00 am to 12:30 pm
Augustine Fernandes (Fish Seller)Fish Seller9403271627DharbandoraDharbandora
Bhajo R LamborFish Seller8766721443DharbandoraNA
Prashant M. Pilgaonkar (Whole Seller Shop), MollemGrocery Store9423811832 / 9373842935DharbandoraMollem
Rajaram Stores, MollemGrocery Store9765854389DharbandoraNA
Vihaan General Stores, MollemGrocery Store7875681506DharbandoraNA
AJ supermarketSupermarket098221 25064MapusaNA
Amul Nogulas, BogmaloBread and Dairy7875037286MormugaoBogmalo
Jaaz Stores, BogmaloSupermarket9004249396MormugaoNA
Kiranawala Super Store, New VaddemSupermarket9834672097 / 9834672097 / 9834672097MormugaoNew Vaddem
Reles Super Store, MES CollegeSupermarket9881471898MormugaoChicalim
Shantadurga Store, New VaddemSupermarket9518559340MormugaoChicalim
Shinu Super Store, DabolimGrocery Store9284471924MormugaoNA
Teles megastoresGrocery Store9881471898 / 08322541514MormugaoChicalim
Goa Sahakar BhandarSupermarket0832 222 5314Panjim-7 AM - 1 PM
Goa Sahakar BhandarSupermarket0832 222 5314Panjim-7 AM - 1 PM
Kini supermarketGrocery store0832 246 5477PanjimDonapaula, Miramar, Carnzalem7 AM - 1 PM
DG MartGrocery store0832 246 6660Panjim (Caranzalem)Donapaula, Panaji, Carnzalem7 AM - 1 PM
Magsons RetailConvenience store0832 245 2894Panjim (Dona Paula)Donapaula, Miramar, Carnzalem7 AM - 1 PM
NareshGrocery Store8669245518Panjim (Taleigao)Taleigao, Bambolim, Caranzalem
- M/S Arya Marketting AgenciesDairy8888886532 / 8888886534PondaNA
Chamunda Consumer ShopeeGrocery Store9970806020PondaUsgao
Krishna Trading Co.General Store9822987028 / 8669027377PondaNA
M/S M G P General StoreGrocery Store9923922695PondaNA
M/S Mahalasa Narayani StoresGrocery Store9923849880 / 8830447814PondaNA
M/S P.K. Traders, Mis Kurtarkar TradersGrocery Store9422058948PondaPonda
M/S Sai StoresGrocery Store7507057700PondaNew Mkt. Complex Upper Bazar Ponda
M/S Snf Whole Sale Market Pvt LtdGrocery Store9579261706PondaFarmagudi- Saad Samrudhi Bldg.
M/S Surya MarketGrocery Store9850476476PondaBramanand Krupa Shiroda (Only in emergency ) Goa
M/S Vijaykumar P KamatGrocery Store8668453384 / 8007451574PondaBandiwade Bokadbag Bandora
Praveen General StoreGrocery Store9762985151PondaNr Civil Court Tisk Daag Ponda
Praveen General StoreGrocery Store9762985151PondaNA
Sachit Purushottam SawantGrocery Store9420975222PondaNA
Sachit Purxottam SawantGrocery Store9420975222PondaNA
Balaji SupermartGrocery, Fruits, Vegetables, Daily Essentials9322776504Porvorim (Alto Porvorim)Porvorim
Ashok R, Pai DukleGrocery Store9158957552QuepemQuepem
Borker Super Market , Shop. No. G 22, QuepemEssential Goods & Grocery items9158917044QuepemQuepem
Chetan K. NaikEssential Goods9822488141QuepemQuepem
F. P. s. No. 24, AmonaEssential services7350853268QuepemQuepem
F. P.S. No. 5, MadhegalEssential services9764116039QuepemCacora
Fair Price Shop No. 36, Devtewada, CurchoremEssential services7875387572QuepemQuepem
Fair Price Shop. No. 12, AvedemEssential Goods & Grocery items7517276659QuepemQuepem
Fair Price Shop. No. 35, CacoraEssential Goods & Grocery items9881882388QuepemCacora
Raya Ganesh NaikEssential Services7875387572QuepemCurchorem
Shop No. 2, Municipality BuildingEssential Goods & Grocery items9922656456QuepemQuepem
Shripad MaratheEssential Goods & Grocery items8975270713QuepemAmbaulim
Anand K. BorkarGrocery Store9975940919 / 8999478571SanguemNA
Guru GaonkarGrocery Store8390179503SanguemNA
Kapil KarpeDairy8459687527SanguemSanguem Muncipal Jurisdiction
Nagesh Prabhu DessaiGrocery Store9423164031SanguemRivona
Santosh Govind NaikGrocery Store9850455061SanguemSavordem
Shashikant GaonkarGrocery Store9404428437SanguemNeturlim
Shrikant A. NaikGrocery Store9764059715SanguemSanguem Muncipal Jurisdiction
Sudhakar Govind P. PawaskarGrocery Store9767704526SanguemNA
Suhas Prabhu GaonkarGrocery Store9730128585SanguemKeona-Rivona
Vijay NaikGrocery Store9834814710SanguemZambaulim Rivona
Vishant Rohidas KhutkarGrocery Store9404147205SanguemKalay Village
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This is so they do not waste time in emergencies. We are not a service provider, medical advisor or certifying body and availability status and payments pertaining to these resources may be evaluated by those availing them.

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